I’ve been waiting for today for the last 3 months.
After more than 200 stages…
Today was my first public speech since July 2019.
I’ve been VISUALIZING today over and over and over in my mind, every single day, hours a day, for the last 3 months.
I’ve building this up in my mind like I was McGregor coming back from the Mayweather fight.
Replaying it in my head.
I KNOW I was born to be the #1 demanded motivational speaker in the WORLD.
I KNEW I would kill it.
But about an hour before it was finally time…
I froze up.
TERROR set in.
All I could do was excuse myself from the lunch table and run to my room as fast as I could before I burst into tears.
I got in my room, collapsed to my knees, and the tears and emotion flowed.
I don’t know where it was coming from…
I don’t know WHY I was crying…
I was just SO overwhelmed with feelings that all my body wanted to do was release.
And instead of trying to deny it, stuff it back down, or ignore it…
I honored it.
I gave in to it.
I observed it.
I surrendered to the feeling.
And I was able to do all of that BECAUSE I believe in myself and I trust in God.
I ALREADY asked him for what I want…
So I KNOW without a doubt, it’s already on its way to me.
I already KNOW it’s mine.
I just have to LIVE INTO the experience.
Today was an excellent TEST and even better REMINDER…
That the devil will test you.
He will try to trick you into doubting yourself and Gods plan for you.
But I KNOW the B.S. stories of yesterday are no longer true.
Today was just an opportunity to put my faith to the test (like the book of Job) to see how faithful I would remain in His mission.
So I text me my mom (Lee Ann) and said…
“I go back on stage in an hour for the first time in 2 years.
I’m so nervous. I don’t know why.
Tell me something good”
I haven’t text her one of those texts I’m almost 10 years.
To which she replied…
“You should be nervous, it shows you know where you need to be. You have nothing to prove to anybody or to yourself. I have faith that you got this. Just breath, relax and be you, you will rock this ❤️
She always makes me feel better.
Then I text my girlfriend…
“I’m in my room bawling. I don’t know why 😭 I’m fine… just SO much emotion running thru. I don’t even know what emotions. Just a flood of them “
To which she immediately called me to remind me of my power, how to stand in it, and WHY I started this in the first place.
Then you know what I did?
I picked myself up off the floor…
Wiped my tears…
Walked downstairs into the conference room…
Grown men crying.
Women bawling.
One girl told me “God sent me here to hear THAT talk, because I was just about ready to leave after lunch. You saved my life. Thank you.”
The point is…
Just because you KNOW something to be true, and have the FAITH that it will happen…
Doesn’t mean you won’t have fear or doubt or anxiety.
It means you’re human.
But what I’ve found to be the secret to having fulfillment, happiness, and success…
Is to surround yourself with people who love you, support you, and want you to win.
Today was a stark reminder that God has a big, special plan for me…
And that I don’t have to do it alone anymore.
And THAT’S why I know I can’t fail at turning my vision into a reality.
I want to give a special shout-out to my gang who joined me in Minneapolis…
Nick Wingo (Grit Wins)
Sarah Lacko
Kyle Dillinger
Justin Schafer
My Gang Gang made this the BEST and most SPECIAL event of my entire life to this date.
And I know I couldn’t have done it without them.
And the most special thanks to Kjersti Day
Who legit saved my life and my speaking career. Because I wouldn’t be back and in my power if she hadn’t shown up in my life to be the reflection I was finally ready to see.
To ALL of you who never left my side over the last 2 years, in my lowest and darkest times…
To those of you who left me, talked trash on me, or decided to invest with someone else…
I never forget.
Thanks for the motivation to become SO fucking good… you’ll regret the rest of your life how you did me.
Marshal Gillen is BACK!
And TOP PAID SPEAKER and GILLEN GANG is here to take over! 💥👊💯
#GangGang #StayGold #KingOfHearts