Did you know that you have bacteria inside of you that is responsible for creating your energy?⁣

It’s called Mitochondria.⁣

Mitochondria is a bacteria imbedded in most of our cells.⁣

Back when we were single cell organisms, we were a host cell to this bacteria…⁣

But over millions of years of evolution that Single cell became human and that bacteria became mitochondria. ⁣

One can not survive without the other.⁣

Now that we’ve evolved into a living organism of over 50 trillion cells that make up “us”…⁣

It’s safe to say that if you’re not keeping this bacteria healthy… it will kill you.⁣

Let me explain.⁣

But before I do, we have to introduce a familiar (and highly lethal) character that most of us know quit well…⁣


Have you ever heard that “stress is the #1 killer”?⁣

Well, it’s true.⁣

When cells are under constant stress, mitochondria cannot make energy efficiently.⁣

This leads to the production of molecules called ROS (reactive oxygen species) a.k.a. free radicals⁣

ROS are unstable atoms with unpaired electrons.⁣

When these free radicals are present within the body they cause damage to your cells with a process called oxidation.⁣

In response to all of this…⁣

Your body sends vitamin C to your liver from the foods you consume…⁣

Causing the body to essentially “leech” vitamin C from other areas of the body to make up for the deficiency….⁣

Which means there’s less vitamin C to create collagen, the protective tissue of your skin, teeth, cartilage…⁣

Decreases immune response, inability to heal, inflammation, and much more.⁣

The #1 things here is to remember that it’s easier to prevent mitochondria damage than it is to reverse it… and now you can see why.⁣

When free from stress…⁣

Mitochondria’s job is to extract energy from the food you eat, combine it with oxygen, and turn it into ATP.⁣

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an organic compound that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells…⁣

Things like muscle contraction, nerve impulse propagation, and chemical synthesis.⁣

If this process slows down or becomes damaged, they start producing free radicals within the body that lead to aging and eventually death.⁣

When stressors lead to mitochondria becoming fatigued… they can no longer produce the antioxidants to combat their free radicals.⁣

Inflammation sets in at that point and inflammatory agents, like cytokines, are produced…⁣

But even then it still can’t keep up with the oxidative stress.⁣

The result?⁣

You get one of the 4 biggest human killers…⁣

Heart disease⁣




… and you die a painful death.⁣

This is is why hustling and grinding will literally kill you.⁣

The best way to avoid all of this is to reduce free radicals in your body, by down regulating as much stress in your life as possible.⁣

And you don’t need a fancy medicine or doctor to help you achieve it.⁣

There’s a few things you can do right now today, for free, that can start to not only prevent disease… but even reverse it!⁣

It’s not magic and it’s not spiritual…⁣


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